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ÆTHER/MASS was founded in 2022. The concept was born out of a belief in collaborations between designer and maker, and a desire to experiment with materials and meanings. Above all, it is about the joy of imagining and creating, regardless of market logic or trends. The focus is on the creative process and collaborations with artisans, leading to exceptional collections with extreme attention to detail and finish. In this view, ÆTHER/MASS can be seen as a laboratory, researching materials, techniques and semantics.

My Approach

ÆTHER/MASS designs, creates and distributes unique and meaningful objects that straddle the line between utilitarian object, sculpture and experiment.

ÆTHER/MASS is the brainchild of Davy Grosemans. Having worked in the design industry for more than 20 years as a product and interior designer, Grosemans is now releasing a number of personal and experimental objects under the name ÆTHER/MASS, which he himself describes as “objects in search of meaning”.

For Grosemans, collaborations with makers are essential. The designs only come to life through the material knowledge and technical skills of artisans. Dialogue with makers leads to new insights and new experiments within the studio to produce genuinely innovative designs.

The objects are deliberately limited to a run of 12 pieces. This is not a decision based on the idea of making the objects more exclusive, but rather on the desire to continue making experimental, one-off, expressive work. Each piece should be an exploration of the new and the unknown, of innovative materials and production techniques being used in unconventional ways. The satisfaction for designer and maker is therefore in the creative process and in the initial journey of production from concept to final prototype.

ÆTHER/MASS's Objects

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