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Cara \ Davide

Cara Davide
Cara \ Davide, multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan, is a collaboration between Cara Judd (South Africa) and Davide Gramatica (Italy). Their recent works are characterised by an interest in experimenting with materials, techniques and processes related to different territories. They also produce a series of limited editions working together with expert artisans in Italy and South Africa. Their works are represented both by galleries and produced by brands.

Our Approach

Graduating in product design from IED Milan, Cara and Davide started their professional careers in diverse areas ranging from apprenticing with artisans to working with industrial companies before merging their experience in 2016. Cara and Davide both lecture in the Product Design Department at IED Milan¶MEDULUM is a furniture brand that takes advantage of the forty-years of experience of Zanchettin di Meolo of Venice. The territory of the Venetian lagoon is the source of fundamental inspiration.
MEDULUM is the Latin name for the watercourse that the Venetian nobles preferred to use to get to their summer residences from Venice.
MEDULUM designs and manufactures furniture and accessories, researching and experimenting with new languages, collaborating with architects and designers, with the typical care of an artisan.
Elegance, refinement and tradition, richly evocative furnishings entirely made in Italy.

Cara \ Davide's Objects

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