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Casimir was born in 1966 in Koersel, Belgium. He studied Industrial Design at SHIVKV Genk, Belgium. During his studies he started already as furniture maker/artist. He won several prizes, such as the Henry van de Velde Prize in 2000 and the Flemish Culture Prize in 2004. The latter prize is the most prestigious prize in Belgium for Architecture and Design and is only awarded every two years in this category. Other laureates of the Flemish Culture Awards include Martin Margiela, Maarten van Severen, Raf Simons…

My Approach

Casimir is a renowned Belgian furniture artist, working with limited, signed, numbered and certified objects on the edge of art and furniture. Poetry and craftsmanship combined in timeless objects.

His style strips furniture to the essence, to what it was originally designed for, reverting to the “archetype”. But even in their simplest form they are different. Semiotics plays an important role: language as the basis of culture.

Casimir is a master craftsman who builds his furniture according to the rules of the art, but adapted to the needs of his formal language. His oeuvre is limited to the material European oak. A local, classic, noble and natural material that guarantees long-life and sustainable objects.

CasimirAteliers was founded in 1991 in order to meet his high production standards. No need to say this production unit is well known for its excellent know how when it comes to solid wood furniture.

Casimir's Objects

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