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Metamorphic Art Studio

Metamorphic Art Studio is a Belgian collective of artists and architects: Xaveer Claerhout, Barbara Van Biervliet and Adriaan Claerhout. 
They explore the aesthetic of Metamorphosis in art, design and architecture. 
Several of their metamorphic artworks were accepted into the permanent collection of Museum Centre Pompidou. The designers of Metamorphic Art Studio also won prestigious awards such as IFaward, RedDotAward and the German Design Award. 

Our Approach

As artists of Metamorphic Art Studio we share a common fascination for Metamorphosis. The transition from straight lines and surfaces to curved ones can be found in all of their works.
In several of our creations a physical transformation of the shape takes place, morphing it from a straight and rectilinear object into a curved organic form.

In 2006 we introduced this concept which they called 'Metamorphism'. This metamorphic principle was applied to architecture in which the outer skin transforms according to the functional needs of the moment. Also in lighting, we added this metamorphic and fundamentally organic dimension, creating unique living light objects.

Several of our metamorphic creations are acquired in the permanent collection of Musée du Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Next to the physically transforming artefacts, as Metamorphic Art Studio we also create objects in which movement is captured in a frozen moment.

Metamorphic Art Studio's Objects

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