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Atelier V&F

founded by Chen Furong and Vega Zaishi Wang in Shenzhen.

Chen Furong graduated from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, majoring in comprehensive design. And he started the design studios WUU and CHEN FURONG Studio.

Vega Zaishi Wang graduated from London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martin, and founded the designer brand VEGA ZAISHI WANG. The designers’ professional background and artistic upbringing become the intrinsic character of Atelier V&F.

Their expertise, professional knowledge and years of experience in the design field are the fertile ground for the development and
exploration of Atelier V&F that enable it to break the divide of territories and cultures, and with a inclusive narrative to interpret aesthetics and functionality. The two designers’ poetics of life and living, their respect for different materials’ true nature and their unceasing pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship instill a vitality into Atelier V&F’s works from artistic sculptures, installments and space to practical and utilitarian objects. Vega’s intuitive riding on fashion’s romantic urge and flow and Furong’s philosophical perspective on practical design are combined in one artistic expression, making their works both detailedly practical and ceremonial.

As a married couple, the duo instills powerful emotional strength to the work of Atelier V&F, trying to interpret and represent the non-utilitarian and simple beauty in a coldly rational and precise world.

Chen & Vega's Objects

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