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Solo Show Ben Storms

Art Basel/ Design Maimiexplore

Solo Show Marius Ritiu

Meteor Showersexplore

Solo Show Laurids Gallée

Milan Design Week 2024: Baranzate Ateliersexplore

PAD Paris 2024

A Collector's Officeexplore

Opening The Grand Sablon 40

Exhibitions: Solo Shows by Lionel Jadot & Ben Storms. Curated show: From Trash To Treasurediscover

Collectible Brussels 2024

Is There Room For Games?discover our game room

PAD London

(Un-) Controlledthe booth

BRAFA Art Fair

In collaboration with Delen Private Bankdiscover

PAD Paris

Out Of The Blueexplore

Collectible Brussels

What's For Dinnerexplore

Breaking Boundaries

Showroom in Hasselt, Belgiumexplore

In Bruges

Office and studio space...explore


Group show with Forwart Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium.explore

Postcards From Rotterdam

Collaborative show at DOEN during Art Rotterdamexplore

Collectible Brussels

Surreal Fictionsexplore

Art Brussels

For Delen Private Bankexplore


Grou show in Ghent, Belgiumexplore