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In Bruges

Office and studio space...

Images by Tijs Vervecken

The Space

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bruges is celebrated for its well-preserved medieval architecture, meandering canals, and charming bridges that add to its enchanting allure. The city's cultural richness is exemplified by its world-class museums, showcasing prestigious collections of Flemish Primitive and Renaissance art. Thus embracing the cultural spirit within this picturesque landscape, OWN is proud to unveil its latest contemporary layer through a new studio situated right in its heart. The space comprises two adjacent rooms, symbolizing the culmination of our eight exhibitions held in 2023 across four different countries. Yet as 2024 is approaching, these rooms also mark the beginning of a new chapter for OWN. Consequently drawing inspiration from the artistic journey of the past year, the studio will feature a curated selection of works showcased in our 2023 exhibitions, while being accompanied by entirely new objects commissioned for this special occasion. 


Gentpoortstraat 54, Brugge 8000, Belgium

on appointment only

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