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Out Of The Blue

PAD Paris 2023, Jardin des Tuileries, 29-2 April

Photography by Studio Brinth

PAD Paris

PAD Paris - loved by collectors and renowned for its collectible and historical objects- offers the perfect opportunity to exhibit a body of work that can easily withstand the test of time. Our curation continues this tradition of a timeless design by contemporinating classic typologies.

The Room

The booth resembles the typology of the room that was historically celebrated, yet lost its appeal over recent years: the bedroom. The classical lay-out follows the unspoken rules of symmetry, intimacy and dark uniform colours. Our mysterious and abstract space offers the perfect background for the dreamy objects it occupies: from a large bed with the complimentary closet, room divider, mirror and candleholders; to a reading corner with a chaise longue, light sculptures and even a bar cabinet for a good night’s rest. 

We requested 10 acclaimed contemporary artists to design new & unique works in their favourite material. Each designer has carte blanche yet with one condition that ties all the objects together. Everything is unified by the color of the night, the surreal and the unnatural: blue... 

Alissa Volchkova (FR), Jan Ernst (SA), Justin Morin (FR), Laurids Gallée (AT), Lukas Cober (GE), Pierre De Valck (BE), Mircea Angel (PT), Six N. Five (ES), Ward Wijnant (NL), William Guillon (FR),

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Mircea Anghel presents

Low Table

Hand Carved Estremoz Marble from a raw stone in contrast with a cork wood table top, a protected species that can only be cut if the tree is dead or ill. The wood is infused in vacuum with a blue bio epoxy to stabilize and giving it a more intense expression.

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