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Objects With Narratives

On rare occasions, you can become engaged with an object to a level beyond flash, when you start to create a deeper bond with the work. Storytelling does this far more powerful than esthetical or functional considerations alone. Through this approach, objects become merely the medium where it is more about owning a narrative rather than the physical object. Therefore we believe in shifting the incentive of design to objects powered by narratives. Hence our gallery's name...

A bottom-up approach.

Objects with Narratives is founded by three complementary Belgian individuals: Nik and Robbe Vandewyngaerde & Oskar Eryatmaz based in Geneva, Brussels & Bruges. The brothers Vandewyngaerde are engineers and academically taught architects with several years of working experiences in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium for companies as Herzog & de Meuron and OMA. Oskar Eryatmaz has a financial and sales background in Belgium with years of international working experience.

When the founding brothers Vandewyngaerde started designing their own creations as architects & designers, they quickly encountered other artists having the same thought-process, so they stared to collaborate, enforce and publish their works. While developing and designing on their own, they noticed how difficult it is for young artists to commercialize, develop and produce their own creations due to limitation on budget, logistical, legal or production. That is when the true identity of OWN came to existence. The third partner and life-long friend Oskar Eryatmaz whom has experience in the commercial sector joined the team. Together they established a gallery that allows artists to focus on just designing, while OWN provides the platform to showcase, sell and provide all other services necessary.  

OWN editions

The contemporary gallery for functional art.

OWN is a multi-service gallery that concentrates on the storytelling of today's rarefied craftsmen. We represent an intimate group of contemporary artists from diverse corners of the world who specialize in material-led processes and using traditional techniques in a modern way. We empower them through several means such as an interactive website, publications and physical exhibitions. Thus the access to collectible design is democratized to a global audience, facilitating the dialogue between our artists and clients in a transparent way. Their work is internationally shown with private collectors, interior designers, institutions and publication houses. In our world, objects break from their functional boundaries, evolving into artworks that represent the pinnacle of what contemporary design has to offer.

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From made to order, limited editions and one-of-a-kind collector items to site-specific installations.

personalized services

The masters.

Brought together from diverse corners of the world, our highly-skilled artists represent the top of contemporary craftsmanship and artistry. They engage in a profound dialogue between form, function, material and the narrative that connects everything in order to create a true and authentic sensory experience. These rarities and imperfections that are an intrinsic part of our artists' visions are exactly what our clients and collectors cherish the most. With only a few pieces being made each year, these creations are meticulously crafted, resulting in a dialogue between blending centuries-old techniques with modern innovation. 

our artists

Our Exhibition program.

OWN maintains a vibrant schedule of site-specific exhibitions and actively participates in world leading art fairs. Our curatorial focus on exhibitions, revolves around new approaches of showing the highest mastery of the artisans we support. On these occasions, objects from cultures all over the world are brought together for a novel authentic experience during a limited time. Our exhibition program is dedicated to strengthening the profile of our sought-after artists, promoting their work at state of the art locations and including them in public and private collections. Our engagements span prestigious events such as PAD London, PAD Paris, Collectible Brussels, BRAFA, Art Brussels & more.

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Bridging the gap between artist and client through design.

At our gallery, we're dedicated to providing our clients with a personal experience built on several core principles. Our commitment to loyalty and transparency is vital trough several ways such as clear and honest pricing. We offer an online friendly experience, making exploring every narrative a pleasure. Our platform serves as a new sourcing destination for luxury design and art, bringing artists and clients closer together. Aditionally we assist with a wide range of services, from bespoke design and art advisory to complete interior and architectural projects. We guide you step by step from the first sketch to the final project delivered at our doorstep.

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OWN has been published in magazines as:

Architectural Digest, Elle, Milk Decoration, Forbes, Financial Times, Collect, Ideat, Wallpaper, Vogue Living, Sight Unseen, Dezeen, Galerie, The Art Newspaper, The Design Edit, Icon, Domus, Hypebeast & more

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