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Objects With Narratives

On rare occasions, you can become engaged with an object to a level beyond flash, when you start to create a deeper bond with the object. Storytelling does this far more powerful than esthetical or functional considerations alone. Through this approach, objects become merely the medium where it is more about owning a narrative rather than the physical object. Therefore we believe in shifting the incentive of design to objects powered by narratives. Hence our platform’s name...

A Nomad Gallery

OWN is neither a niche gallery nor a stand alone commercial shop. In between those worlds, OWN creates its own hybrid genre. A platform that concentrates on the value and the story of the pieces itself rather than the name, style or era of the designers that represent the objects. We make uncommon & collectible design pieces accessible for everyone around the world in a transparent and reasonable way, while taking care of their designers needs. We thus provide a creative space actively empowers bold creators to present their story-driven work through an interactive web shop, other online channels and physical exhibitions around the world.

Mission Statement
A platform for designers by designers.

We work together with household names as with young designers who don’t have or have a limited following and notoriety, as long as each designer has a strong narrative behind their work and practice. Our services vary depending on the level of support the designer needs. We will be able to offer sales and marketing, logistic and production options. The designers benefit from a large network of other designers that they can collaborate with. 

Trade / Interior Program

Meet the Founders

Object with Narratives is founded and curated by three complementary Belgian individuals called Robbe Vandewyngaerde, Nik Vandewyngaerde & and Oskar Eryatmaz based in Amsterdam, Geneva & Brussels. Creative director Robbe Vandewyngaerde is an academically taught architect & designer who graduated in Switzerland and has experience working in Belgium and the Netherlands. Executive director Nik Vandewyngaerde graduated as an engineer & architect in Belgium and has over 5 years working experience in Switzerland. Finance & operational director Oskar Eryatmaz has a financial and sales background in Belgium with many years of international working experience. Each and every designer plus their work will be curated by Nik, Robbe and Oskar’s demanding eye for quality. 

Interior Consultancy

Our Story

When the brothers started designing their own creations, they quickly encountered other designers having the same thought-process, so they stared to collaborate, enforce and publish their works. While developing and designing on their own, the brothers noticed how difficult it is for young designers to commercialize, develop and produce their own creations due to limitation on budget, logistical, legal or production. That is when the true identity of OWN came to existence. The third partner and life-long friend Oskar whom has experience in the commercial sector joined the team. Together they established a platform that allows designers to focus on just designing, while OWN provides the platform to showcase and sell those designs and provides services to the designer on all other aspects.  

OWN a Narrative?

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In the rare event, you receive a piece that you are not fully satisfied with, you can return it within 14 days of receipt for a full refund except for the return shipping costs. Made-to-order items are not eligible for return.

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