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Art Brussels 2023

In collaboration with Delen Private Bank

Founded in 1968, Art Brussels is one of the most renowned contemporary art fairs in Europe. As one of the fair’s main partners, Delen Private Bank has their own dedicated space for art and design. For this occasion, they invited our gallery to collaborate on the show.


The story of Delen Private Bank and art is one of love at first sight. From the moment the bank was founded in 1936, the significance and emotional value of art was highlighted. And, to this day, Delen deploys art to inspire, connect and bring joy to her clients and employees. Delen establishes long-term partnerships and collaborations with artists, museums, galleries and art fairs. With Delen.ART, we showcase both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions displayed in our offices. Our Delen.ART platform strives to build a bridge between the artist and the art lover, at the same time encouraging a life-long love of art.

Delen Private Bank specialises in wealth management and planning. Their personal relationship managers guide their clients in financial, legal and tax matters tailored to their personal and family situation. A long-term vision, accurate risk management and a focus on sustainability are the cornerstones of Delen’s philosophy. The success of this approach is proven by the bank’s strong growth.

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