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A Collector's Office

Artists: Ben Storms (BE), Vladimir Slavov (BE), Lionel Jabot (BE), Katrien Doms (BE), Mircea Anghel(PT), Lukas Cober (DE), Hamza Kadiri (MA), Jan Ernst (SA), Maison Armand Jonckers (BE)

Photography by Studio Brinth

At the forefront of functional art and design, PAD Paris is a place where tradition meets innovation. It serves as the perfect stage to showcase today’s most important artists and true masters in their craft. A rare place where one can discover contemporary antiques from all over the world, collected under one singular roof.

OWN continues this tradition presenting their latest treasures of 8 craftsmen from in and around Belgium, Portugal, Morocco, and South Africa. The exhibition invites one to discover a dialogue that spans centuries, blending age-old techniques with modern innovation. It's an exploration of how craftsmanship evolves, adapts, and thrives again in the 21st century. The booth resembles a collector’s office where each artwork and typology is a testament to skill, material, form and function. The result of a delicate balance of controlled imperfections and accidents, echoing the beauty found in the unpredictability of nature. Crafted by its four elements, these pieces become unique rarities, each telling a story of the artist's mastery over their chosen medium.

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