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Breaking Boundaries

Showroom in collaboration with Maison Bu and Forwart Gallery.

Images by Tijs Vervecken

The Showroom

“Breaking Boundaries” is a new hybrid concept where art, design and beauty are combined to establish a cohesive, intimate, and personal experience.

For this initiative OWN partnered up with Maison Bu (personal beauty experience) andForwart Gallery (contemporary mixed-media art gallery).

It takes place in a former renovated post office right in the city center of Hasselt, Belgium. While the left wing houses all facilities for the Maison Bu, the right wing extends the experience into art and design. Here contemporary artists and designers come together to redesign a space that alludes to the historical architecture of the building. Each piece displayed, distinctively conveys
their own story, and as a collective, transmits the values of an ongoing dialogue between the artists.

With over 15 nationalities, a wide range of techniques, styles, textures and materials, OWN continues to explore the potential of blurring the boundaries between the various creative practices from the overarching narrative to the smallest detail.


Havermarkt 31/33, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium

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Alun Heslop (UK), Alfie's Fuzzy Friends (NL), Cédric Breisacher (FR), Corpus Studio (FR), Faina (UA/BE), Jan Ernst (ZA), Laura Sattin (CH), Laurids Gallée (NL), Lukas Cober (NL), Maria Tyakina (NL), Mircea Anghel (PT), Raphael Kadid (CH), Six N. Five (ES), Steven Edwards (UK), Thibault Huguet (FR), Tim Vranken (BE), Tom Jablin (FR), Ward Wijnant (NL), William Guillon (FR)

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