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Surreal Fictions

Collectible Brussels 2022, Objects With Narratives presents

With Works of David Selander, Laurids Gallée, Lukas Cober, Mira Sohlen, Pietro Franceschini, Sabourin Costes, Six N. Five, Studio ThusThat, Supertoys Supertoys, Rapael Kadid, Roxane Lahidji & Ward Wijnant.

The exhibition

Born and raised in Brussels, we have been always inspired by our local hero and surrealist René Magritte. For him painting was a form of thinking and above all a medium of telling compelling stories, as is collectible design to us. As the word “sur-real” suggest, the works go beyond the meaning of the reality we see and demand a second reading allowing the emotional connection great design is seeking. This lure of illusion is exactly what “Surreal Fictions” aims to achieve.

Based on dualities

Our booth reacts to the site specific conditions by use of dualities. The exhibition is dedicated into 2 complementary environments that communicate with each other: one side is tended to be dreamy, nocturnal and organic, dominated by blue and pink colors while the other is vibrant, luminous and radiating defined by reddish and bronze colors. Two unique spaces that stimulate each other and eventually merge in to one Surreal experience.

Featured Objects

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Explore all

Artwork by David Selander

His latest project based on Surreal LandscapesExplore the spaces

His thoughts behind the series

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