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What's for Dinner?

Collectible 2023, Tour Et Taxis Brussels, 9-12 March

Dedicated images by Studio Brinth


Alun Heslop (UK), Cedric Breisacher (FR), DIM Atelier (BE), Faina (UA), Jan Ernst (SA), Laurids Gallée (AT), Laura Sattin (CH), Lukas Cober (GE), Maria Tyakina (NL), Mira Sohlen (SE), Mircea Anghel (PT), Noe Kuremoto (JP), Pierre De Valck (BE), Raphael Kadid (CH), Roxane Lahidji (FR), Sabourin Costes (FR), Sarah Roseman (CA), Six N. Five (ES) Studio HAK (KR), Steven Edwards (UK), Supertoys Supertoys (NL), Tim Vranken (BE), Ward Wijnant (NL), William Guillon (FR) 

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Collectible 2023

This year the world leading fair takes place at the renowned Tour et Taxis. The cultural hub at the center of the historical industrial quarter of Brussels, dates back to the Industrialisation in Belgium at the end of the 19th century. The contradiction between the fair’s content and its location is the starting point of our narrative: to celebrate the opposite of the Industrial Revolution: craftsmanship (the human act of mastering the natural elements of earth, fire, water, wind and the primitive forces that still run within our modern needs.)

The Room

The exhibition is not defined by a style, material or process but defined by a single dedicated room that brings people together and closest to these forces of nature: the dining room. This space acts as a podium where craftsmen from over 15 different cultures over the world can express themselves. Each collected object, with a story of its own, comes together to join the narrative of a ritual we share universally. This is an invitation to reconnect through the materials and processes of a timeless design collection that takes us back to a place where we find comfort and made us human after all.

-Each craftsman uses the four elements of nature as their main ingredients.-

Bespoke Objects

DIM atelier was founded in Antwerp in 2013 by the artist and set designer Vladimir Slavov. Since then it serves as a laboratory, researching the interaction between shape and light, and the impact they have on the surrounding environment. The focus on the creative process, craftsmanship, and innovative materials are leading to exceptional lighting pieces with extreme attention to detail and finish. He has worked with Dries Van Noten, The Jane Antwerp, Mirazur, Nuance...

Mircea Anghel is an internationally acclaimed artist and designer based in Portugal. His practice celebrates natural processes where every piece is made by hand that have either been salvaged from storms or responsibly sourced. Found around the world, the materials carry a story that Anghel cultivates. Born in Romania, Anghel graduated from the Lisbon School of Economics and Management. He previously worked at a hedge fund before pursuing his passion for collectible design. Anghel has been based in Herdade da Barrosinha in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

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