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Alun Heslop

Alun Heslop is a U.K. based artist, designer and maker primarily specialising in the creation of unique and exceptional sculptural chairs and seating, having initially studied Spatial design at Rochester KIAD and Fine Arts at Brighton University in the U.K. He became fascinated with the use of wood as a prime structural medium, shaping and carving and honed his skills and craftsmanship in the process of ‘green woodworking’. From that point his passion for the chair as an expression of an art form developed, exploring other materiality in making and pushing the boundaries of how new works could exist where its aesthetical appeal generates an expression that is far more than the sum of its parts would otherwise suggest.

I seek to create pure un-diluted forms that speak with passion and resonate with our desire to experience something truly unique; an innate expression of wonder and beauty rooted in a pragmatic approach in the truth to materials and working process. I design and hand make, carve and sculpt wooden seating objects whilst also working with artisan foundries in order to
realise my designs in other materiality, creating functional works of art for the 21st century and beyond.


“It is one thing to have an idea in one’s mind, it is another thing altogether to be able to translate that concept into a manifest reality.”

“Within the Landscape of Invention themovement of fluid speed lines descend, rise and turn through an ever-changingarray of profiles. Does one edge start and another cease? Or do then simplytranscend from light into shadow. A Landscape in motion does not exist in isolation.It is theatre and shape, the journey as we move through it. Part of the fabricof the flowing dynamic world we see around us.”

Alun's Objects

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