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Solo Show Ben Storms

Art Basel/ Design Miami

Liquid Solids

Considered as being fluid, Ben Storms reveals his approach and vision through both the choice of his designs and the conceptualisation of the scenography that contains them. The fluidity in this case refers equally to the flow of the preceding processes and ideas, to the transitional forms, the fusing, reshaping and casting, and even more to how the results are seen and understood. For certainly the audience's perception is also encouraged to flux. Between assumption and observation, between appearance and deception, illusion and reality. Nothing is final, despite the moment when something is considered finished, it continues to evolve in the observer's imagination.


A layer of water covering the floors; the illusion of floating volumes and objects; as soon as one enters the setting, all sureness dissolves. As an allusion to a domestic interior, the scene seems at once recognisable and alien, captured in a moment that flows both forward and backwards, streams and trickles. In the designs themselves, the fluidity is addressed as a captivating interaction between states and qualities. Forms seem frozen in a process of transformation, a flow that is suspended but promises to continue. Glass appears to be stone, then water, a liquid that has solidified but retains an aquatic resemblance. Onyx alludes to the processes of aeons of seeping water and minerals, sediments that echo the currents that shaped them.

From consoles to wall pieces, coffee tables and room dividers, the selected designs have been chosen for their conceptual coherence. A new series called Crushed - a variation on Ben's well-known In Hale series - starts with sheets of metal welded together to form a transitory shape, which is then transformed under intense pressure in a fluid, almost intuitive process. There are pieces in glass and marble, contrasts between solid stone and seemingly airy volumes in steel and aluminium. The cast glass, which complements the marble volumes of earlier series, has been cooled for weeks in a controlled manner, revealing a near-transparent quality that redefines massiveness and solidity. Pieces in Onyx (new in the curation of materials in the work of Ben Storms) contribute to the definition of the palette, enhancing the matte, inner glow of the glass and speak of eternity.

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