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Anton Hendrik Denys

Belgian artist Anton Hendrik Denys moved to Copenhagen (DK) in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. Further establishing his practice from there, his architectural background and an instinct for intriguing materialities are omnipresent in his work. Often minimal and geometric in shape, his projects exhale a substantial knowledge of material properties. His experimental approach always takes the lead and delivers surprising results.

“The projects where I have the most fun, are those where I get to combine both disciplines and create custom pieces for my clients homes or workspaces."

Brafa Art Fair – St. Vincents x Delen Private Bank, Brussels, BE, Jan 2023
Primal Elements – Fall Group Show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, New York City, USA, Autumn 2020
DARK FANTASY – UTA Artist Space and Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Beverly Hills, USA, Autumn 2019
IMM Cologne – Pure Talents Contest 2018, Jan 2018
The Graduates – Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London, UK, Sept 2017