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Atelier Cedric Breisacher

Atelier Cedric Breisacher
Atelier Cedric Breisacher

Self taught, I came from industrial design studies to wood shaping. Its carving process always starts by feeling emotions through a living material and then are characterized in a physical moment. My work seeks to an essential approach of the object without superflu in which I try to lead to an ultra local manufacturing.

Based in Lille, my workshop aims to become a circular place where no material is wasted. Inspired by nature and simple assembly, hand work is central in my approach. I am using hand tool traces that have a testimony of a living entity. This collaboration between two living elements merge to a vital dialogue about our condition and respect of living organisms.

Unique piece or small series, each project tells a story.

Atelier Cedric Breisacher
April - 26.04/02.06 - Acid Gallery , exhibition 
April - 10.04/15.04 - Milan Design Week , exhibition MEET MY PROJECT 
April - 05.04/10.04 - Gazette & Yvette, exhibition COLLECTION 2019​
September - Maison & Objet , exhibition ATELIER D'ART DE FRANCE 2018
September - Paris Design Week, exhibition LE OFF! with Valentine MAURICE
June - RDV Super Pile, Roubaix, Scenography
May - Venise Architecture Biennale, exhibition VENICE DESIGN 2018
May - Prix Atelier d'Art de France région Haut de France 2018 - BTRFL Stool​
November - Chromosome A , exhibition SERIE A
September - Paris Design Week , exhibition NOW! LE OFF design à vivre with Valentine MAURICE
June - Design Creative Camp, glass workshop

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