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Brandi Howe

My Approach

Artist Brandi Howe has established a design firm that embodies her distinct, hyper-charged aesthetic across multiple mediums, such as set design, furniture design, interior design, textile design, and fashion. She has designed retail concepts for brands like Cult Gaia and Nodaleto and continues to do so while also branching out into developing hospitality projects. Brandi’s
firm has worked globally, including residences across the United States, Italy and Istanbul.
While creating custom pieces for private clients and perusing her interior design work, she has developed her unique line of sculptural furniture and textiles. Fueled by a love for fantasy and color, Brandi's visual iconography and art exist in playful, surreal, and elevated spaces. Her work functions as a form of whimsical magic in a world full of lowest common denominators, connecting different mediums through a singular, transcendent vision.

Brandi's Objects

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