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Hyejeong Kim

Hyejeong Kim is a Korean artist born in Japan. Kim’s move back to her homeland at the age of 11 informed her identity as a creator. Discovering ceramics at EWHA’s College of Art & Design in Seoul, she continued her training in both Tokyo and the UK, interweaving the ceramic cultures from Northeast Asia and Britain into her own unique work.

2022 Korea Craft Prize Winner

Awarded by the Ministry of Culture, and Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Korea Craft & Design Foundation(KCDF) is a professional organisation that leads the promotion and creation of future values of Korean craft culture, through the means of exhibits, research, and education. Its aim is to encourage the continuous creative activities of craft artists, expand marketing channels in the field, and revitalise consumer culture. The Craft Prize is established to introduce craftsmen in various fields to the public.

Hyejeong Kim is the winner of this year's Craft Prize in the creative category awarded by the Ministry of Culture, and KCDF. Based on her illustrious research and artistic experiments, she has been striving for the development of ceramics as a Contemporary Art form. Her artwork is widely renowned not only by ceramic art experts but also admired by the public for its simplicity in the sophisticated line and the tranquil beauty in the subtle tone of glazes she has developed through many years of study.

Exploring themes of the circulation of the earth, the rediscovery and recovery of an environmentally friendly lifestyle whilst looking ahead towards the future, she has made a significant contribution to the recognition of Korean craft internationally through her various activities and exhibitions, including being selected as a finalist for the Loewe Craft Prize 2020.

In 2005 she also won The Evening Standard Homes&Property Award, The Best Domestic Product, Chelsea Crafts Fair, London

Permanent Collection

Ritual Pot, Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Bloom: Chin Ju Kan Pottery designed by HK, Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA


2012, Customized Start-up Business Grant, KISED, Korea
2001, Pola Art Foundation
2001, The Nomura Cultural Foundation


2016 - 2020, Assistant Professor, Department of Ceramics, School of Art & Design, Ewha Womans University, Korea
2012 - 2010, Lecturer, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2010 - 2008, Lecturer, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea
2008 - 2006, Westminster Adult Education School, London, UK
2003 - 2001, Visiting Fellow, London Institute,The Chelsea Collage of Art and Design, London, UK


1999, Doctoral degree in Ceramics, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
1995, MA degree in Ceramics, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Qualified as Art Curator
1993, BA degree in Ceramics, Ewha Womans University, Korea


2000 - 2003, Artist Residence in the studio of Rupert Spira, Shropshire, UK 

Hyejeong Kim's Objects

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Rise Above
Rise Above
Oriental Moon
Oriental Moon
Oriental Moon
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