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Jumandie Seys

Jumandie Seys is a Belgian artist and interior designer whose work straddles the boundary between art and design. In his quest for pure expression of form and material, he creates objects with sculptural purity, often juxtaposing raw, organic elements with sleek, modern materials. This interplay between the rough and the refined forms a dialogue that generates a palpable tension in his work.

Seys redefines classic rules by merging modern techniques with traditional artisanal crafts. He draws inspiration from the past, infusing it into contemporary designs to create pieces that are both visually and tactilely stimulating. Each creation is a testament to his commitment to exploring the dynamic relationship between contrasting materials.

The Fragment Collection

The Fragment Collection is a series of sculptural furniture pieces characterized by their irregular and asymmetrical shapes with classical influences. These unique pieces predominantly feature vegetable-tanned leather, a material that serves as an ideal canvas due to its porosity and natural blemishes. In creating the textures for this collection, various artisanal techniques are employed. The leather canvas is meticulously scraped, manipulated, and infused with natural pigments to achieve a distinctive, tactile surface. This hands-on approach allows each piece to embody a raw and organic aesthetic, highlighting the inherent beauty of the leather.