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Sukkeun Kang

I started woodcraft since 1997, and I am doing woodcraft as a profession since then.

I think craft is about making something beautiful by putting an artist's artistic sensibility into practicality.

My practicality is lacquer, and my artistic sensibility is nature.

I express nature with wood. In particular, I think that the annual rings of trees are implied in nature's time and relationships. The growth rings of trees have their own unique shapes due to different growing environments and each shape has a different moisture content. The asymmetrical curves created by drying according to different moisture levels are natural. The tree rings are the main part that completes the formativeness of the work, and are also expressed as textures or patterns.

LOEWE Foundation Craft Prize finalist (2020), Today's Young Artist Award - Minister of Culture (2020), Cheongju International Craft Competition - Honorable mention (2021), Luxembourg Art Prize (2021)

Lacquer & heat curing

Lacquer is our heritage that has been used since 7,000 years ago. Along with humidity curing, which involves painting and curing lacquer, heat curing is a lacquer curing method that has been passed down for thousands of years. The lacquer heat curing technique is a technique of hardening lacquer on metal or ceramics where lacquer does not adhere well. My lacquer is special. I completed it by applying the lacquer heat curing method to wood for the first time.This hardened lacquer bowl does not smell of lacquer even when hot food is put in it, and it can be washed with detergent and is safe even if it is put in water for a long time.

Sukkeun Kang's Objects

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