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Maison Jonckers

Tatau side tables

Tatau side tables

One Name, Three Creators. A family story that unites two generations of

For almost ten years, Alexandra and Grégoire have been following in the footsteps of their father, sculptor Armand Jonckers, through new creations at the frontiers of design and art. Particularly attached to the experimental dimension which reinterprets techniques developed several decades ago, they bring a new dynamic and instill their distinctive signature which nevertheless remains imbued with this DNA characteristic of MAISON JONCKERS. Three creativities, two generations of complicity, one harmony who by a mastered knowledge and a recognizable identity, create exclusive and refined works, mixing precious metals and minerals with the technical sophistication of colored resins, to offer a continuously renewed and original poetic universe.

Tatau low table

Leaving a trace of existence, a link to the past, a dialogue with the present and fuel for the future. MAISON JONCKERS is a family story that evolves with the time. A trace etched into material, shaped, attacked by oxides and petrified in resin. New worlds and universes revealed by a family of alchemist creators. Primitive and sophisticated, raw and sublime, imperfect and timeless.

Let It Be low table

The creations of MAISON JONCKERS are plural but exclusive; the MAISON only produces unique pieces, designed and crafted by hand.

A flawless inspiration

These works are the result of a certain alchemy: the search for the point of balance between the original, raw material and the intervention of the human hand. They live in palaces in the Arab Emirates and Kuwait, from Kinshasa to Shanghai and Auckland, but also in private mansions in Paris, Brussels, London, Antwerp, New York and Los Angeles. Creations that integrate private collections, hotels as well as restaurants, reveal the interiors of private residences while inviting themselves into the auction rooms.

Tonga side table

The characteristic engravings of Maison Jonckers'creations are based on a process similar to etching and are close to a primitive aesthetic.

The Muse low table

The Muse low table

Images by Stan Huaux & Jeremy Marchant, Studio Brinth