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Mircea Anghel

© Francisco Nogueira

© Francisco Nogueira

How I work - Richard John Seymour

Mircea Anghel is an internationally acclaimed artist and designer based in Portugal. His practice celebrates natural processes where every piece is made by hand that have either been salvaged from storms or responsibly sourced. Found around the world, the materials carry a story that Anghel cultivates. Born in Romania, Anghel graduated from the Lisbon School of Economics and Management. He previously worked at a hedge fund before pursuing his passion for collectible design. Anghel has been based in Herdade da Barrosinha in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

© Richard John Seymour

Pad London

Bespoke projects

Floor, staircase and built-in cabinets in collaboration with Naço Architecturesplease contact us
© Hugo Aymar

© Hugo Aymar

La Puerta, Mirazur

Table, wine cellar and door, in collaboration with Naço Architectures

Mircea works in a 1000 sqm studio space in Herdade da Barrosinha, in the Alentejo region of Portugal, with a vast outdoor area giving room for the exploration of new ideas.

Collectible Fair with Objects With Narratives gallery - Brussels (2023)
PAD | Paris Design + Art with Objects With Narratives gallery - Paris (2023)
Barrosinha Open Studio - Barrosinha (2023)
PAD | London Design + Art with Objects With Narratives gallery - London. Booth Prize Winner (2023)
Entre les Mondes - Lisbon (2022)
Lisbon by Design - Lisbon (2022)
Baranzate - Milan (2022)
Paris Design Week - Paris (2022)
Incantatio Mundi - Bucharest (2022)
Collectible - Brussels (2022)
Paris Design Week - Paris (2021)
Milan Design Week - Milan (2021)
Collectible - Brussels (2020)
Art Elysées - Paris (2020)

His Collection

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© Manuel Moniz

© Manuel Moniz