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After several years of collaborating on high-end interior design projects, Louise Liljencrantz and KFK Cabinet Makers decided to create their own furniture collection. Born out of passion and respect for materials, craft, and design, the initiative resulted in LKFK Edition by Liljencrantz KFK Cabinet Makers, and was a resounding success.

Inspired by the acclaim for LKFK Edition, Liljencrantz and KFK launched Veermakers in 2021, with a wide range of furniture and accessories. Each piece is designed by Louise Liljencrantz and built with a firm belief in lasting quality, honest materials, and responsible production methods. Most of Veermaker's products are crafted in their workshop in Stockholm. For selected products, production is entrusted to experienced manufacturers of our chosen materials, for example, the Italian travertine stone for the Frank and Arrow Lamps, and their woven silk shades, which are handmade in Stockholm.

Veermaker's Objects

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