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Sarah Roseman

Sarah Roseman
Sarah Roseman is a Canadian designer based in The Netherlands and educated at Design Academy Eindhoven. She is passionate about creating a more beautiful world through materiality and works on the boundary of textile and object. Through her playful and imaginative pieces, she aims to evoke a sense of joy. She is radical in her material choices to achieve sustainability through unique processes and new materials. As a designer and material researcher she creates material archives which lead to the creation of unique objects or to be used as industry alternatives.

Sarah Roseman and Barry Llewellyn

Sarah Roseman and Barry Llewellyn are designers from Canada and Ireland respectively who are both based in The Netherlands. They met at the Design Academy Eindhoven where their passions for thought provoking objects combined to create collaborative works in addition to their own practices. Creating present day works from a speculative but probably context of resource depletion such as Fluid Furniture raises questions in a tangible but playful way. They want to allow people to think about these ideas through materiality.

The Lalalamp - by request only

Fluid Furniture is a research into the new horizon of the material world. Preparing for a future where the aftermath of exponential resource consumption has stripped the world of usable virgin material, how will our relationship to the physical world change?

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Lalalamp was made through a process of transforming foam from curbside couches into rope using a custom twining technique. It is part Fluid Furniture, a series of pieces that aims to slow down the speed of consumption, celebrates the beauty of used material and contributes to the rebirth of craftsmanship.

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