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Sarah Roseman

Sarah Roseman
Sarah Roseman is a Canadian designer based in The Netherlands and educated at Design Academy Eindhoven. She is passionate about creating a more beautiful world through materiality and works on the boundary of textile and object. Through her playful and imaginative pieces, she aims to evoke a sense of joy. She is radical in her material choices to achieve sustainability through unique processes and new materials. As a designer and material researcher she creates material archives which lead to the creation of unique objects or to be used as industry alternatives.

Fluid Furniture is a research into the new horizon of the material world. Preparing for a future where the aftermath of exponential resource consumption has stripped the world of usable virgin material, how will our relationship to the physical world change?


Zuiver Scholarship Winner - NL
Young Dutch Titans - EDIT Napoli - IT
WORTH Project (in collaboration with Anabel Poh - EU


Messmerizing - Dutch Design Week - NL (upcoming)
EDIT Napoli - Naples - IT (upcoming)
Maison @ Object (chair featured in collaboration with ZUIVER - FR
The New Paradigma - Milan Design Week - IT
Intergenerational Graduation Show - Milan Design Week - IT
Superhouse x The Attico - Milan Design Week - IT
OBJECT Rotterdam - NL
Kazerne - Design Open - NL
Atelier Ecru - Moving Traces 06 - BE
Salon Veneman - Solo Show - NL
Surface Design Show - UK
Design Academy Graduation Show - Dutch Design Week - NL
Isola Talents Factory - Dutch Design Week - NL
Gr_und - Non-Depleted - DE
Non-Depleted - Dutch Design Week - Virtual
Sasha - Dutch Design Week - Virtual
Textiel Museum - Textile Minor Show - NL
BioMaterial Library - Dutch Design Week - NL
Edible Invisible - Dutch Design Week - NL

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