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Katrien Doms is a Belgian Artist using fire/extreme heat and nature/climate as a medium.  Every piece is completely handmade, outdoors without the use of any electrical device and  hollowed out with fire and extreme heat.“She worked as an Interior Architect for over two decades. During this period she collaborated with a network of exceptional craftspeople, but became increasingly worried that the value of craft and expert design was being lost in contemporary society. Katrien now devotes her time to her own unique form of woodworking.  Her work has been exhibited internationally and shown at Masterpiece London, COLLECT London, PAD London, and Art MiamiIn all seasons Katrien defiantly works out in the elements  in an uncontrolled environment.  The changing weather conditions dictate and shape the work that she makes. Starting with raw woodUsing extreme heat up to 900 degrees and nature as a medium, exposes Katrien Doms to a very physically intense and time consuming process.  All forces of nature have their impact on this making process and ask sometimes for the artist to stop, pauze or start again.  These tides of creating make the artworks even more precious.In contrast tot he general image of “burned wood” Katrien succeeds in creating soft, poetic slopes with the dept hand intensity of the element of fireHer work is about how  nature is both beautiful and destructive. Sometimes the wind will take a work, destroying it completely. Katrien considers the acceptance of the spectres of failure and uncertainty as necessary and valuable parts of creating art and living a good life”In a world that became so complicated and chaotic, she returned to nature, to a more simple and serene lifestyle.  Her workprocess and the result reflects the person she became.  

Katrien Doms

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