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Corpus Studio

Corpus Studio is an architecture and design office based in Paris, working locally and abroad. Founded by Konrad Steffensen and Ronan Le Grand, Corpus Studio creates spaces, objects, places, stories, atmospheres and environments. 

Our approach is cross disciplinary, fusing architecture, decorative arts, design, and art into a unique global vision. We start with a practical analysis and work with the client to develop rational and sensitive solutions that bring out the full potential of each project. 

We play with volume, light, shadow and materiality to compose poetic and emotive spaces that heighten the experience of our surroundings, whether they are radically monumental or diminutively quiet. Over-arching this, we believe that by responding to occasion and instilling spaces with comfort and a strong fundamental aesthetic quality, we can enrich our bond with the built environment and therefore our daily lives. 

Corpus Studio's Objects

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