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Lukas Cober

Lukas Cober
Lukas Cober founded his eponymous studio in 2018, following an education as a product designer in Maastrichtand Lisbon and a formative assistantship with his mentor Valentin Loellmann. An unbridled urge to create that has driven him, since childhood and continues to this day to dedicate himself to form and to matter, to generating beauty that — averse to trends — expresses an idiom in which authenticity sets the tone. Whether working with wood or fibre glass, with resin or cast metal, he invariably explores their possibilities, and considers the handling of the material to be at the heart of the process.
Lukas Cober

At Studio Lukas Cober, each piece attests to a relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and arises from a sensitive and experiential approach. A personal touch, best taken literally, that resonates in the sculptural furniture, lending it an unmistakable handcrafted signature. What transcends the collections is their fluidity of line, the often undulating contours that seem to consolidate a movement. Rooted in his early fascination with the art of hand shaping surfboards, with its deep connection to creating aesthetically pleasing yet functional forms, and the fact that the two are intertwined, it continues to infuse his work with the richness of minimalism, helping to shape his profound language of clean lines and dynamic volumes.

From surfboards to Collectible Design

Sculptural Elegance

Studio Lukas Cober stands for original and unique pieces, whose appearance bears the individual traces of the craftsmanship that created them. As such, every second object is a reinterpretation, a continuation that is never the
same as its predecessor, but intimately related. The different series refer to specific treatments and formal languages and come together in a consistent and poetic oeuvre with a particular focus on materiality, formal quality, and timeliness.


April 2023 - PAD Paris with Gallerie Gosserez, Paris
April 2023 - PAD Paris with Objects with Narratives, Paris
March 2023 - Collectible with Objects with Narratives, Brussels
March 2023 - Collectible with Objects with Narratives, Brussels
January 2023 - Postcards from Rotterdam with Objects with Narratives in collaboration with DOEN, Rotterdam
January 2023 - The Invisible Collection x Mobilier National in partnership with Galerie Gosserez, Paris
November 2022 - LDF with Mint, London
November 2022 - Solo exhibition “Glassy Conditions” at St.Vincents, Antwerp
October 2022 - PAD London with Galerie Gosserez, London
March 2022 - Collectible with Objects with Narratives, Brussels
May 2022 - Group Show “5-5-5” at St. Vincents, Antwerp
February 2022 - “Christie´s Paris X Galerie Gosserez”, Paris
September 2021 - Solo Exhibition “ Shapes” at Galerie Gosserez, Paris
September 2021 - Galerie Gosserez  “10 Years anniversary”  group show, Paris
August 2021 - Radical Craft” at Direktorenhaus, Berlin
September 2020 - “Bokeh” with Mint during London Design Festival, London
March 2020 - Collectible, curated section, Brussels

Lukas Cober's Objects

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