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Sabourin Costes

With a holistic approach, Sabourin Costes creates both objects and interiors that challenge our acquired relationship towards our living environments. Their ability to navigate small to large-scale projects with ease stems from interdisciplinary experiences with clients like Hermès, Ligne Roset, Chanel and Neri&Hu— which Paola and Zoé respectively fulfilled after attending the Design Academy Eindhoven. They returned to Paris in 2019 and co-founded Sabourin Costes, aspiring to craft their own stories and work.
Boudins Stool

Lead by curiosity, our designs always start with an isolated observation of the physical world; a material with fascinating reflectiveness, a new way of forming resin, or a detail as small as a cabinet handle. Conducted through hands-on experiments and collaborations with local artisans, the process development always leads to surprising discoveries—  allowing us to cultivate an unforeseen aesthetic for each piece it creates. Our touch is always vibrant in colour and materiality, unapologetically bold and contextually resonant. 

Sabourin Costes's Objects

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