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Marbled Salts

Inspired from ancient Italian marble faking techniques such as Stucco Marmo and Scagliola, Marbled salts is made from 95% Sea Salt and offers endless possibilities in terms of shaping and stone imitation : as any stone composites it is being molded and therefore causes virtually no residual waste.

It is an affordable alternative to natural stones, while being decisively more ecological than comparable and mainstream artificial stones, which uses up to 50% of plastics.

Roxane Lahidji

About the designer

Roxane Lahidji is a social designer specializing in ecological material developments and applications. Her research focuses on achieving luxurious-looking objects and surfaces from low costs and raw resources. Roxane Lahidji developed her project ‘’Marbled salts’’ and was awarded among the 100 best French international designers by FD100 price of the VIA and won the 2019 Bolia award.

Roxane Lahidji